India’s First Teachers Discount Card
July 7, 2019

India’s First Stuent Discount Card

"Hello every one – Welcome to our Discount JIni family. Guys Has anyone ever told you "you're special," only to discover they say same thing to everyone they meet? That's what it's like offering discount "benefits" that are actually available on public deal sites. Instead, we contract directly with the merchants in our network to secure private, best-in-class offers that are truly a benefit to your workforce .

Everybody loves discount. With SDC you can get discount in places all over the world. Provide your Student ID card or letter from College/ Classes / University .Grab Discount Jini card and get thousands of travel, online and outlet discounts in IND. Shape the future of education and create a better world. Discount Jini card saves students money and brings important commercial influence.

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