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Since 2006 Worked as a Travel agent Mr. Hardik Safri Was founded Discount Jini in 2018.

Discount Jini Card Which will get its Buyers, Discounts Range starting from 05% to 50% in Various Outlets. A Speedy Tie Ups are Being Done with Travel, Food Chains, Restaurants, Salons, Clothing Showrooms, Furniture Shops, Art Academies, & Most of the Product or Service One Can Think of. All the Tie-Ups being done are Uploaded on Our Official Website, on Every Alternate Day Basis. The Website is live & is constantly being upgraded. There are also Mobile Apps being Designed for Android & IOS Mobile Users. Additionally, Even an Special Authorisation Sticker is Placed in All Outlets so that Discount Card Holders can Easily Identify it.

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