About Us

Company History

Discount Jini Company established in Oct 2018 and the founder and Director Mr. Hardik Safri has great experience in the travel industry and later has Mrs. Jagul Desai have joined the company in 2019. She has completed MBA in Finance, more than 9 years of experience in financial planning.

Easy access to Discount

  • Valid in Pan India
  • Exciting discounts in Education, Travel, Entertainment, Game, medical, Shopping, Food & Drink, and many more.
  • Join Vendor Partners Program download Discount Jini Vendor App, update your profile and create everyday offer like buy 1 get 1, Discount up to.. etc
  • Join our Users client & get every day .. every time Discount from Branding company  all over India

What We Do

Increasing revenue is the prime motto of every business and it needs more customers... To attract more customers great promotional and marketing concepts definitely work... Corporate Business Management is presenting a fabulous concept of discount cards. Discount Jini Card is offering service in all over India. We are registering merchants located all over India.

Discount Jini Card which will get its buyers, discounts range starting from 05% to 50% in various outlets* as per Vendors T&C and Offer plan. A Speedy Tie Ups are being done with Education, Travel, Food Chains, Restaurants, Salons, Medical, Spa, Mobile & Tech Shopping, Clothing Showrooms, Entertainment, Game zone, Fitness, and Beauty & most of the product or service one can think of.

All the Tie-Ups being done are uploaded on Our Mobile Apps being designed for Android users. Additionally, even special authorization sticker is placed in all outlets so that Discount Cardholders can easily identify it.

We are Trusted Brand

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